A passenger evolution is arriving at London Heathrow And its all about time

The London based travel-technology company, has announced its on-demand baggage delivery service AirPortr is now launching as an official service at Heathrow. From the 14th December 2015, the days of bags slowing and weighing you down are numbered.

AirPortr delivers passenger bags within hours between London locations (homes/ hotels/ offices) and London Heathrow Airport - providing same-day, on demand bag free travel for Heathrow’s 75+ million passengers for the first time.

Lugging luggage to and from the airport and around London has been a real inconvenience but now travellers can now experience a truly seamless end-to-end journey.

AirPortr can be pre-booked or handily on the day of travel from any device. Bags are either dropped off in Heathrow with an AirPortr, before being securely transported by an AirPortr driver to their London destination. 

Alternatively bags are collected from any London location and delivered to Heathrow at a time suited to the customer pre their flight.

Using AirPortr transforms the airport journey, enabling anyone to travel more efficiently and make the most of their day. Without their luggage in tow passengers can now travel lighter, quicker and stress free. They can take public transport and no longer need to be anchored to their location by burdensome baggage. Instead, leave the bags to AirPortr and travel where, when and how you want to around the city, bag free.

The service is priced deliberately for all travellers and trip types. For example two bags, whatever their size or weight, delivered between Heathrow and central London costs just £30. Worthwhile to avoid rush hour traffic; hotel check-in restrictions; plan extra sightseeing; make the most of everything the city has to offer; fit in an extra business meeting.

Chris Walsh, Director & Head of Customer Experience at Portr, said: “Our vision is to fundamentally change how people travel, putting them back in control of their own agenda rather than burdensome baggage dictating their itinerary. AirPortr is all about increasing the efficiency of your time, you know that your bags are being securely delivered, which leaves you to make the most of your first or last day in London, we like to call it ‘Luggage Freedom’.”

“Excitingly at Heathrow we are also launching a new customer experience approach as we move to deliver a ‘roaming/mobile’ interaction as opposed to requiring the customer to ‘find us’ in the airport. Staff, without the physical restriction of being sited at a desk, are supported with additional new technology developments. We now have an ideal situation where we can either take or hand over a passengers bags at multiple touch points in the Terminal, better suiting them.”

Chris Annetts, Heathrow’s Commercial Passenger Services Director, said: “Heathrow’s goal is to provide the world’s best airport service and we are delighted to be working with AirPortr to offer our passengers this quick, easy and convenient way to travel.”

“With the arrival of the AirPortr service to Heathrow, passengers can now travel to and from the airport bag free, meaning their journey is made as hassle free as possible.” 

Randel Darby, AirPortr CEO, said: “Our vision has always been to transform the way we travel here in London. Today’s announcement marks a major milestone and realisation of that vision to deliver ‘bag free’ travel. We are delighted to now be working with Heathrow, the UK’s Hub airport, a fundamental pillar of our strategy to connect our city with global business and tourism.”

“It has taken several years for the technology and secure processes to be put in place in order to realise what is a very complex service while ensuring a reliable and seamless customer experience. We now look forward to bringing this benefit to Heathrow’s many millions of passengers in time for their Christmas travels, and into 2016 as we grow and help make journeys better, together.”


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